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MS Excel for Project Managers

Hello and welcome to this supplemental site for the MS Excel for Project Managers course.  Below, feel free to access the supplemental material from the online course for your further knowledge.  If you have any questions from the course, please leverage the contact form below.

Project 1 - Data Entry

Project 2 - Formatting

Project 3 - Excel Math Functions

Project 3 Practice Sheet

NPV & IRR Functions

NPV & IRR Discussion

Project 4 - Cell References

Project 4 Practice Sheet

Project 5 - Data Validation & Conditional Formatting

Project 5 Practice Sheet

Project 6 - Data Search & Reporting

Project 6 Practice Sheet

Project 7 - Pivot Tables & Charting

Project 7 Practice Sheet

Project 8 - Excel linking to Power Point

Project 8 Practice Sheet

Project 8 Practice Presentation

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