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The Organized Prject Manager

Hello and welcome to this supplemental site for the Time Management for Project Managers course.  Below, feel free to access the supplemental material from the online course for your further knowledge.  If you have any questions from the course, please leverage the contact form below.

Lecture 3 - Manage Your Inbox
Lecture 7 - Organizing Your Workstation
Lectures 9 & 10 - Action Item Document (AID)
Lecture 12 - Identifying Project Risks on Your Own
Lecture 13 - Identifying Project Risks with your Team
Lecture 14 - System Integration Risks
Lecture 16 - Monthly Planning Overview
Lecture 19 - Arranging Meetings
Lecture 20 - Running Effective Meetings
Lecture 22 - Types of Planners
Lecture 23 - Advantages & Disadvantages of Online Planner
Lecture 24 - Advantages & Disadvantages of Book Planner
Lecture 25 - Disadvantages of Time Mismanagement
Lecture 27 - Advantages of Time Management
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