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Five Ways to Calm Yourself Before the IT Project Manager Interview

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

The interview process can be one of the most stressful things you'll go through especially if it's been a long time since you last interviewed. If you're the type that loses sleep before an interview thinking about the potential torture then please read on. There are ways to get yourself calm before the IT Project Manager interview.

Focus on how you're breathing right now

A good place to start is to become aware of yourself and how your body is reacting to the stress of a PM interview. If you have rapid breathing or taking short breaths calm yourself by taking deep breaths. In hale through the nose taking in a breath until your lungs feel full. Then, slowly exhale through your mouth until you expand all the air from your chest. When you exhale, the rate at which you're breathing out should be slower than when you inhaled. Repeat these deep breaths 10 times.

To help ease the stress it would be wise to understand Five Things to Know for the Project Management Interview.

Visualize Yourself Acing the Interview

Instead of wasting energy about what can go wrong during the interview, visualize yourself doing really well during the interview. Visualize a professional conversation where you're learning about the position and you're answering questions well. Remember, the mere fact that you're being called for an interview indicates that the company is serious about hiring you.

They Need to Convince You Why You'd Want to Work There

You can't think of the project manager interview as an opportunity to beg for a job. The reality is that the employer must demonstrate to you why you'd even want to consider working for them. If your questions aren't answered properly or the feedback you received is not what you want, then whey would you consider working there? Also, take a look at the environment. If the work environment is not what you want, why would you consider working there?

Entertain What is the Worst that Could Happen

Okay, so you so you still have worries? Let's now entertain those worries. Ask yourself what is the worst that could possibly happen on the interview? You stutter on a response? You have a coffee stain on your shirt? You didn't know an answer to a question?

The worst that could happen is that you don't get the job. It is devastating news and you'll need a strategy on How to Handle the Interview Rejection. Analyze what questions the interview asked and which ones gave you problems. It's not as if the interviewer will go on national television and mention what a bad interviewee you are.

It's a numbers game and the more proactive you are about your job search, you will get other interviews. The critical thing is to learn from your mistakes and have better answers on your next interview.

The Interviewer is Not a Nice Person

In the event that the interviewer is not a nice person, they are actually doing you a favor. If they are unprofessional, then why would you ever want to work for them? No amount of money or status is worth sacrificing your dignity. It's better to find out immediately that this is a person you don't want to work for rather than wasting years working for a monster.

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