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How to Handle the Interview Rejection

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

You receive the dreadful email informing you that you were not selected for the job. The sender indicates that they'll keep your resume on file and you just roll your eyes.

Negative thoughts or self-doubt may creep into your mind. This is absolutely normal and you should embrace these thoughts. Eventually, though, you need to turn that energy back into your job search.

What follows are some ideas that can help you cope with the interview rejection.

Embrace Your Emotions

It's difficult for me to write that we should look at a rejection email, trash it, and then move on with our lives. The reality is that we're human and we have emotions. When you get a rejection, allow yourself time to embrace your emotion in a constructive manner. Think about how you're feeling but do not become engaged in destructive behaviors.

Talking to someone or journaling about how you feel is more constructive then engaging in destructive behavior especially when it affects others.

Give yourself a day to go through what you're feeling. Then, think about the lessons learned from the interview and write those down. After you've accepted the rejection, it's time to focus your energies back on your job search. You are powerful and you can do this!

Understand Job Hunting is a Numbers Game

Your new job title is "Job Hunter." The more effort you put into your job hunt the more something will eventually come up. If you consistently pursue the type of job you're looking for, you will eventually find it. It's going to take effort whether its online job submissions, networking, reaching out to former colleagues, etc. Nothing is going to fall in your lap. You need to work for it and you can do this!

Develop an Action Plan

Instead of inactivity and only focusing on your negative emotions continue your job hunt by developing an action plan. This is a great way for you to focus your energy on your job hunt instead of your mind becoming idle and transforming to a devil's workshop.

Grab a notebook and go to the park, beach, cafe or another favorite place. Take your time and write down action steps in regard to: which jobs do you want to do, what companies you want to work for, when will you block out time to look for work. It all depends on what you want out of your job search.

Write it all down, prioritize it, and put it into action.

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